Product & Engineering Team.

Design and engineer the systems that deliver 10,000,000,000 requests daily, across the globe. Create the products that delight marketers and web developers with their utility and innovation. Build the engine that drives everything we are.

About this team.

5% of every online human on Earth visits at least one of our servers, every day. The scope and scale of that is both daunting and exciting. The challenges we face are those of scale, speed, security, and optimization. There are few companies on Earth where you'd have a chance to tackle the kinds of puzzles we get to solve every day.

At the same time, our growth is driven by the marketers who need websites to increase their KPIs, and the web developers and agencies who are the engineers and designers behind those sites. Winning the hearts and minds of the developers and the end users is a different challenge compared with platform-scale. 10s of 1000s of developers use our platform every day to create, build, debug, deploy, and collaborate on the web sites that drive the Internet; we build the tools they need to be efficient and happy.

Jason Cohen

From the team leader…

“When I founded WP Engine nearly 10 years ago, being "state of the art" meant you had nginx and Varnish configured properly, and memcached that worked. Today, we solve challenges which stump our colleagues and partners from the largest cloud and internet companies on Earth. It's exciting to have something useful but humble, today be one of the largest cloud platforms in the world, with all the attendant opportunities for growth but also difficulties. Both are fun to solve!”

—Jason Cohen
Founder/CTO, WP Engine

Responsibilities within this team.

Product Management

We set the strategic direction, we figure out what to build and why by constantly talking to customers, and we work with every other department to turn that vision into reality.

Site Reliability Engineering

We bring the modern, at-scale practices of engineering quality, security, but also velocity, into everything built at the company.


We enable the department to secure the software and infrastructure, proactive in uncovering issues, drive policies and governance, and balance speed and convenience against risk.

Core Product Development

We build the most sophisticated WordPress platform in the world, and the tools that win the hearts and minds of marketers and developers.

Product Design

“Design matters” is one of our core values, and our Product Designers bring that focus into products our customers love.

UX Research

UX Researchers partner with designers, product managers, and engineers to understand our users, their experiences, and the problems they face. They help keep product teams “customer inspired,” another core value.

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We engage the most inspired minds to do the best work of their careers, and we believe you should be the same person at work as you are at home.