Customer Experience Team.

Work with a team devoted to keeping WP Engine in line with one of our main core values: Customer Inspired. Work to put our nearly 1 million customers above everything else while supporting them to win online.

About this team.

The Customer Experience team has been a key differentiator since our inception and still holds true today. “Customer Inspired” is one of WP Engine’s core values, and the CX team keeps that flame burning for everyone.

Our CX team consists of our 24/7/365 support team, which helps customers do everything from setting up a site to troubleshooting any issues. Our Customer Success team partners with sales to strategically plan and push value to clients.

Responsibilities within this team.

Technical Support

Technical Support serves as the first point of contact for our customers, supporting all of their WordPress questions and needs. You will develop a deep technical knowledge of the various open source technologies which deliver amazing digital experiences for our customers.

Support Operations

We are the operations team behind the 5 time Stevie award winning Customer Experience organization, recognized for excellence in customer service. We provide the enablement, tools, and analytics to operate at scale in service of our team and our customers.

Customer Success

Customer Success at WP Engine is responsible for driving customer value, retention, and advocacy across our entire customer base. We seek to understand and advance our customers’ business goals and objectives: sometimes through 1:1 relationships, sometimes through technology at scale.

Give back.

Recently, our Technical Support Team hosted a group of students from the Product Prodigy Initiative at the University of Texas, who focus on students from underrepresented backgrounds. All of them represent the first people in their family to ever attend college. Our techs worked on developing their skills to create websites using WordPress that will showcase their ambitions and accomplishments as they navigate through college and beyond.

Work hard. Play hard.

Like a family, we work hard everyday alongside one another with a common vested interest in making the company better. And every quarter, we are able to ‘play hard’ with our teams, sharing in activities that bring us closer together and even those that help others in the community, giving back like no other company.

Keep us customer inspired.

We make decisions on how to keep customers happy as a result of our various interactions with them. But what’s most intriguing are the decisions we make that put the customer’s best interests first, regardless of the business impact. We follow this mantra each and every day, and empower the rest of the company to follow suit.

Get better.

We take comfort in the idea that our opinion matters on our teams with tasks that we directly impact. We are continually reassured of this by the leaders in our company, allowing and urging us to be genuinely curious and embrace the diverse thoughts around us. WP Engine is truly where the best get better.

Be you. Be here.

We engage the most inspired minds to do the best work of their careers, and we believe you should be the same person at work as you are at home.