Employee Experience Team.

Join a team that's committed to maintaining our reputation as one of the Best Places to Work by promoting group diversity, empowering employees to develop personally, and developing exciting career opportunities for some of the best and brightest creators in the world.

About this team.

The Employee Experience team is committed to building a Workplace of Choice, where  everyone can be their best selves and continue to grow and develop personally and professionally. We are proud of our strong and inclusive culture, one where each employee understands how they impact the business and how they can grow their careers.

Our Employee Experience team works with all our employees to infuse our culture and values into everything we do and build upon our reputation as a great place to work.


From the team leader…

“We are committed to being the Workplace of Choice known for fostering a flexible, empowering, and inclusive environment for all.”

—Annette Alexander
Chief People Officer, WP Engine

Responsibilities within this team.

People Operations

Coordinates across all the functions that touch an employee’s experience at WP Engine. We believe that an amazing product and service experience for our customers begins with a supportive and inclusive environment where our employees can thrive.

Learning & Development

Invests in WP Engine employees’ growth, from core leadership skills to functional learning for every employee. We believe that when we all commit to development, The Best Get Better.

Talent Acquisition

The engine behind attracting, engaging, assessing and acquiring the most important investment to WP Engine, our people.

Total Rewards

Responsible for the strategy and implementation of our compensation and benefits program. We believe a competitive, market-based compensation and benefits program is central to our ability to recruit, retain, and motivate individuals to reach their potential.

Keep growing.

Recently the Learning and Development team launched a Career Growth Portal website for employees to explore possible career paths within the company. The website outlines the competencies and expectations of jobs in every department to help employees understand how they are performing today, as well as where they need to grow to land their next dream job!

Balance work and life.

We are proud to support employees with new families by offering 16 weeks fully paid for primary caregivers and 5 weeks fully paid for secondary caregivers. This global paid family leave program was launched by the Total Rewards team, an integral part of our Employee Experience team.

Keep moving with IT.

The IT team currently has 40 separate projects underway, focusing on customer service, security, collaboration tools, and efficiency. They're committed to keeping us all up-to-date and working in the best ways possible.

Expand with our offices.

Our growth isn't just limited to teams. Over the past few months the Facilities team has expanded 6 of our 7 worldwide offices. And that's just the beginning.

Be you. Be here.

We engage the most inspired minds to do the best work of their careers, and we believe you should be the same person at work as you are at home.